Women in Marketing: #4. Margaret Kuria

Having done network marketing in campus while taking her Business Management course, Margaret Kuria had registered it as poor returns on investment. She became interested in social media marketing which her boyfriend was doing at the time. In comparison to network marketing, social media proved to be easier to sell services, get clients all while having higher returns.

Ditching network marketing, social media marketing became the better alternative for her.

Margaret was introduced into the world of Social Media Marketing in November 2018. This was after seeing her boyfriend reaping immense profits from running his agency My Online Business Education (MOBE). MOBE was aimed at helping internet marketers and entrepreneurs bring in customers and clients to purchase their products.

After undergoing training for four months, she acted as a Managing Director at MOBE until it was closed down. This sparked an interest in Margaret who fell in love with the art of social media marketing, having accrued the experience from practice.

She has always been passionate about working online which made it easy to market on social media.

In late 2019, she decided to move on as a freelancer working for small and medium businesses. She set on to be a social media marketer until December 2020.

Margaret discovered that for her to land bigger deals in corporate to access high-end businesses, she would need to have an agency. This led to the establishment and registration of Social Sprout. Her aim is to work with resorts and companies in the fashion industry.

Her biggest accomplishment has been working with a business where she helped to hit an annual target in just 8 months. Such sprouts in creating success stories are part of what keeps her going.

Margaret gets her fulfillment from seeing clients grow as well as receiving positive responses from them.

Despite the rapid changes on Facebook and Instagram features slowing down progress, she is determined to keep up with trends.

The top digital marketing trend Margaret recommends in 2021? “It has to be content writing. Many businesses don’t realize captions matter more than the images. In social media marketing, the copy of your image is what sells.”

People are now using Instagram as a search engine like Google due to modifications in technology. By integrating keywords and hashtags, you become more visible to your clients.” 

Social Sprout is focused to empower social media marketing. This will be done through training and mentoring more people to join the industry. “There is a lot to be done and currently very few people to do it,” she says of her dream in building Social Sprout.  All this is in a bid to see more businesses grow through digital transformation. 

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