Women in Marketing: #3. Lilian Mwaura

Lilian Mwaura is a digital marketer who describes herself as a serial entrepreneur. She has been involved in business as far back as she can remember and loves the entirety of it.

Her business mind has been cultivated from her childhood; growing up in a family with an entrepreneurial knack. Gaining her initial experience from the family business, she has run about five businesses from as early as nineteen years of age.

In early 2020, when the pandemic hit, businesses operating physically started facing challenges. It occurred to her that she could save these businesses by helping them move online or revive their abandoned pages. Having made around 90% of sales from the online spaces while running her own enterprises, she was confident she could do the same for businesses seeking to establish their digital presence.

Lilian saw this as an opportunity. It was how Magik Social Agency was launched.

“I am the kind of person to wake up and do it. When overwhelmed, I take a break then get it done,” she says of her prompt spirit. Believing in learning something new every day, Lilian did not set out blindly because there was an opportunity in social media marketing. She reached out to a seasoned person who coached and guided her on how to run an agency as well as creating a reputable brand.

Equipped with the know-how from her employment as a marketing coordinator in two different companies, Lilian had received feedback that she was good at what she did. She embodied this as her strength in refining her agency.

So far, her experience in the field stems from taking courses online as well as being on the lookout for what others are doing to expand her knowledge.

Due to her contribution in digital marketing, Lilian was privileged to attend the first Business Shower as a panelist in February. What is a Business Shower? It is a platform where different business owners come together to discuss their various experiences in running their businesses, with an aim of growing one another. She was also involved in the pitching of the shower as the idea came into formation.

While the forum was open to everyone, the attendees turned out to be only women. In subsequent events, the organizers hope to have more men engaging in the talks as the industry is gender neutral.

Lilian has managed to build networks that have helped her access mentors and gain clients from different fields who inspire her as well as being opened up to more opportunities. This has all been as a result of the interactions she has made while in the digital marketing sphere.

Her greatest lesson up to this point has been, “Even while you are empowered, you need to seek help from others. Don’t be afraid to venture out for the world is big enough to accommodate everyone.”

For the future, Lilian sees herself rising steadily to incorporate bigger projects as well as engaging more people to be part of her team.

See Lilian Mwaura creating her magik as you learn simple and easy tips for your digital presence prosperity.

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