What’s New in Social Media?

With the social media world being revamped to accommodate the increasing number of users, it has become important for marketers to keep up with trends. Social media platforms are competing to introduce new features which will give them an upper hand with algorithms. These changes represent the evolution that the future of social media is shaping towards.

Here is our brief list of things you should know happening in Social Media:


This is one of the most popular social networking services with over 1 billion active users, according to eMarketer 2020. Initially a photo-sharing app, it has grown over the years to a diverse platform for individuals and brands as well. With such a wide pool dependent on its effective running, Instagram has to keep modifying to give users more to work with.


From hashtags to stories, to reels all aimed at increasing content visibility, Instagram has announced that they are bringing in something new! Dedicated to making users continue having a more desirable experience, Instagram will be launching a feature allowing creators to save stories as drafts which can then be scheduled.

This is set to be a game-changer for marketers as they can plan all the content to be posted beforehand.


It will be testing an automated list to detect products and related products in a video. This can allow those watching to skip to the part of interest. This new feature will be shown between recommended videos, to viewers scrolling below the video player. No more second-guessing what exactly you are looking for.

YouTube shorts, short videos of 15 seconds or less, are also set to be rolled out this year. It is projected to be a hit because the number of users is estimated to be at a whopping 2 billion. These will also enable the content creators to continue monetizing.

As for Pinterest, it is launching a feature that will enable users to claim rights to their content! This will then undergo a review to ascertain the authenticity. Woe unto those who want to copyright what they don’t own. Exciting, right?

Catch the buzz of the incoming Content Claiming Portal on Social Media Today.

Which of these social media platform updates are you looking forward to the most? Do you know any that we are missing?





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