Instagram Marketing in Kenya for your Brand

Instagram’s popularity in Kenya gained momentum in early 2014, growing steadily since. Some Kenyan digital firms state that the social media site now has more users than the famous #KOT. Twitter is estimated to have 2 million Kenyan users while Instagram has 3 million.
2015 ended with Instagram having 400 million worldwide users while Twitter had 320 million. This shows that a good number of people in your target audience are probably on Instagram. This not only applies to businesses but personal brands as well. Are you using Instagram effectively?
Instagram, being owned by Facebook, has become easier to understand by first timers than Twitter. This is because most Kenyans who create an Instagram account already have a Facebook account, and can “Log in via Facebook”. The linking of the two platforms is also quite straight forward and advertising is made easier through Facebook.
Here are 4 easy steps to help you market your brand better on Instagram in Kenya (be it a personal brand e.g. musician, politician, leader, activist etc. or a business, small or large)
  1. Update captivating photos – no one wants to see blurry, half-clear images on Instagram. This applies especially to brands selling goods and restaurants. For personal profiles, you can get away with this sometimes, since most of your followers already know and approve of you. For brands however, investing in quality images is the way to go. You can achieve this by hiring a good photographer or simply taking time to capture good images on your iPhone or Samsung device.
  2. Instagram Ads – have you ever clicked on “Boost Post” on your Facebook Fan Page? If you have, then you are only one step away from marketing an Ad on Instagram. Facebook allows you to connect your Instagram page and boost (buy Ads for) posts published on Facebook on Instagram. Here is a link explaining the steps involved: Instagram Ads Link
  3. Upload videos – Instagram now has a video upload feature that allows you to see not only who liked the video but who viewed it. This is a great metric in that some users will watch the video, tag a friend who will then watch the video (without necessarily liking) and so on and so forth. Most videos that get many views are either funny content or helpful content e.g. “How to make delicious pancakes with vodka.” Creative videos uploaded to your page can go a long way in capturing your audience and creating a loyal following.
  4. Innovate! The key to success on Instagram is finding new and interesting ways to connect with your audience through visuals. With the ever-changing digital arena, you either “Innovate or die.” It’s not difficult, if you can find a couple of “Role Model Accounts” (accounts that your brand would want to emulate, irrespective of whether they are Kenyan accounts or big international accounts) then you can always have a reference point for ideas and tweaks to add to your page.
All the best marketing your brand on Instagram, and if you come across an obstacle, don’t be shy to ask us! #InstagramMarketing
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