According to Acorn Influence, over 50% of marketers find influencer marketing to be an effective strategy for increasing the number of customers they have on their database.
 Another survey conducted by Collective Bias showed that 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by their peer’s recommendations as most of their interactions happen on social platforms. They also noted that 60% of consumers shopping at a store had either been influenced by a social media post or a blog review. 
 It is therefore key to note that the type of influencers you choose to push your social media campaign matters. The right influencer will help your organization in:
 1. Revitalizing Your Brand
Social media influencers can help brands improve their image, gain visibility and/or revive sales. What they say about your brand can greatly influence how it is perceived among by fans which at times could be hundreds of thousands of people. But only if they’re the right influencers for your brand.
 2. Growing Social Signals
The more people on social media community share, like, recommend and talk about your business, the more the search engines find your website relevant. As such, there’s increased chance of having your web page acquiring a higher position on the results page of search engines. 
 3. Gaining Marketplace Insights
An influencer is better placed to collect unbiased feedback from your targeted audience; information that could be useful in improving your product or service.
 4. Generating Sales Leads
An influencer has an already established relationship with your audience which makes it easier to convert those who would otherwise be cold, to hot prospects.
Contrary to the above, an unfit influencer can affect your overall online marketing campaign through: 
 1. Overuse of Hashtags
If the influencer does not understand the company’s culture, the tone of voice as the brand, then they can easily end up using inappropriate hashtags that may damage the company’s reputation. 
 2. Too Much Push Marketing, Minimal Creative Focus
With more and more people looking to be influencers, the quality of work is put at risk. Some may tend to focus on the next contract rather than build beneficial relationships with the audience that helps the brand and the marketing campaign objectives.
As a client, you may end up getting influencers who want you to do all the content, then they “blast” it on their pages, rather than take time to speak in their own voices in unique and creative ways about your brand
In conclusion, it’s no doubt that the use of social media influencers will continue to grow. However, the blind choice of an influencer is not the best practice for your online marketing campaign.
To be able to reap from their influence, they should not only be aligned with the overall content strategy and brand image, but also be influencers who are influential to your Target Audience. They should be ready to create content in their own voice, aligned with your content strategy.
At Socialmeds, we are able to handle and manage teams of influencers on behalf of clients, to ensure the right client-influencer fit for the message being communicated.

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