Digital Marketing has grown in leaps and bounds. Recent studies put the number at 39.4 million internet users in Kenya as noted by the Standard Media in April 2017. In addition, a recent study by Geo poll recorded that 60% of millennials use social media as their primary source of information.
This comes down to deciding on what plan best suits your company. Is it  an in-house team or a Digital Marketing agency? Let’s review the pros and cons of both to help you make an informed decision.
                         Digital Marketing Agency                                                                                                    In-house Team
  • Knowledgeable in marketing strategies, in what works and what doesn’t through involvement in numerous campaigns, depending on portfolio
  • More knowledgeable and in tune with company products and culture, lack the experience gained from campaigns exposure
  • Offers an external perspective that could be crucial when coming up with creative content, more focused on “What do customers see you like?”
  • Perspective is from within, “What do we want to look like?” Are more aligned with management hence faster decision making
  • Relatively cheaper as it’s a one-sum amount for everything including the tools for digital marketing; prolonged relationships depend on results
  • Might be biased and not offer objective opinions on what should be done, more investment required in hiring and constantly training a team
  • Might lack the in-depth knowledge of the company at the beginning, take time to be in tune with the client
  • Are generally in line with the company from the get go, and have more access to sound ideas off of management
  • Slower communication and decision making owing to the need for status meetings
  • Might lack the expertise in what is tried and tested leading to use of more funds in trials
In conclusion, agencies pack more weight when it comes to expertise, dedication and insight in digital marketing trends, not to mention at a lesser cost. However, an in-house team might have an upper hand when it comes to understanding the company’s culture and products/services more than an agency would.
Agencies are best for businesses looking for specific results, that can be measured and felt in the bottomline quarter after quarter. These results then determine prolongation or termination of engagement with an agency. In-house teams are best for companies not looking to convert through digital, but just to maintain an active presence.
Thus, as with any choice, one between hiring an agency over an in-house team is a matter of preference and what’s best suited approach for your company to maximize your business growth. These factors will ensure that the decision you make, is the right one for your organization.
What do you think?
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