9 Ways To Keep Your Customers Hooked To Your Brand This Festive Season

You have a social media presence, in fact, you’ve had it for quite some time. Are your customers engaging with you? Do they keep coming back organically or do you always have to buy Ads to get them to see you?
Here are some 9 easy ways to increase brand loyalty this Festive Season through Social Media:
1. Address their Concerns
Make your customers feel important by addressing their concerns. A small courteous reply could lead to a priceless positive word of mouth; which can then spread, and result in your business growing exponentially.
2. Give them what they Need
Solve their problems. They are on your page because they are looking for something. If you can demonstrate that you have this solution, they will automatically convert into loyal customers.
3. Update them on what’s Important
There are different types of posts on social media: Hygiene, Hub, and Hero. Be tactical on your posts, but remember not to lose focus on your end game.
4. Surprise them
Unpredicted pleasant things have been found to “Turn On” the pleasure centers in our brains. Give them new products, gifts, discounts, promotions and the like, and you’ll be sure to keep them wanting more.
5. Ask for Feedback
As a brand, asking your customers specific questions about what they think makes them feel that you value their input. When you get it, action it!
6. Appeal to their Emotions
The best brands sell an emotion, not a product or service. “Taste the feeling” by Coca-Cola makes it feel more than a bottle of soda, “Think Different” by Apple makes it feel more than just another piece of hardware. What emotion is your brand after?
7. Genuinely Interact with them
Do not neglect your comments, DMs, and inboxes. Use them as an opportunity to grow your customer base through one-on-one interactions.
8. Follow Through on your word
You promised quality, deliver quality. You gave them a time, deliver that time. Remember, bad rumors spread faster than good ones!
9. Appreciate them
Who doesn’t want to feel special? I’m sure you have a bunch of loyal customers who over the years have remained loyal to you despite new competition. Ask for a chance to thank them online. Chances are high that they’ll say yes.
Appreciation example that we do for New Life Home Trust: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=new%20life%20home%20trust%20%23ThankYouFriday
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