The brain is wired to seek that which will stimulate action. If you desire your post be a beehive of interactions, here are a few tips to consider:
1. Get your content to the right audience
People who are interested in a certain niche or topic, are more likely to engage with your content than people who are not interested.
2. Make your post interactive
There is no harm in asking for feedback or reviews. You could ask questions that readers can easily relate to and care about to improve their user experience.
3. Give comprehensive info
Be exhaustive in your content. Explain all your points well, with clear explanations and illustrations.
4. Put up appealing info
Good graphics attract the eye and good content keep them coming for more. It’s not always about attracting, rather, it’s about creating a lasting impression.
5. Put up info that points to and solves their problems
People are looking for something specific on your page. Be of service to them and post just what they need at the right time.
6. Give unique content
That will leave them quenching for more. Give them a reason to come back over and over again.
7. Give mind intriguing content
Facts do intrigue readers and make them think out of the box. They will keep coming for more. The more “proof” you have of claims in your content, the higher the chance of convincing your readers to act.
8. Feed and fuel curiosity
We are insatiably curious beings. Curiosity is ingrained in the body’s neurology, empowering our learning, our discovery, and even motivating our actions. Your goal is to engage the curiosity of your readers to elicit their engagement.
9. Write stories
Share personal stories or experiences that are interesting and suspenseful since they have a way of keeping readers hooked. Enlighten your readers with something they may have never known.
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