7 Smart Valentine’s Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

You may be planning a classy night out or looking forward to a cozy evening at home as you Netflix and chill. Regardless, it’s hard to ignore the hype that comes with Valentine’s Day. It’s not just a holiday for hawkers and florists, even your small business can utilize this special season by offering unique promotions and fun marketing campaign ideas that resonate with your target audience. Here are seven smart ideas that you can use to this Valentine’s Day:

1. Valentine’s Special Offers

Since Valentine’s Day is mostly about couples, offer a two for one deal. A buy one get one free deal with an interesting caption is an interesting way to market your products. If you don’t necessarily offer physical products, you can also offer special deals on your services and creatively link them to Valentine’s Day. For optimum impact, promote your content on social media in order to have a wider reach.

Valentine's Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

2. Spice Up Your Social Media Accounts with a Valentine’s Theme

Add a little bit of a distinct romantic style to your social media feed or profiles just to get your audience in the Valentine’s spirit. However, be careful not to overdo it or else your brand will get swallowed up in the process but do just enough to say, “Valentine’s Day!”. This can include images that communicate Valentine’s Day such as flowers, chocolate, sweet message quotes or simply play around with the Valentine’s colors in your content. In addition, make sure to use appropriate and relevant hashtags in all your posts in order to increase visibility.

3. “Share The Love” Stories

Take advantage of UGC (User Generated Content) and ask your social media followers to share their love stories, pictures or anything that represents love to them. This doesn’t have to only be romantic stories as is the tradition, but also encourage them to share their friendship, family etc. love stories. Include a reward for the best story to encourage participation and engagement. However, remember to link the theme with your brand as well.

Valentine's Campaign Ideas

4. Run A Valentine’s Contest

From a Valentine’s Day quiz, couple’s photo contest or a #ShowTheLove contest where customers take a photo of themselves interacting with your product, a contest is sure to excite your audience and get them to interact more with your brand. Through participation, they can be in the run to win a free dinner for two, a weekend getaway, a shopping voucher or a Valentine’s gift hamper. However, do have in mind that any Facebook contest that you run where you’re directly asking people to like, comment and share will need to be a paid promotion following Facebook’s news feed algorithm update to reduce “engagement-baiting” posts. Nevertheless, contests are fun and are bound to increase your brand awareness and engagement.

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5. Promote Random Acts of Love

In today’s society, Valentine’s has been commercialized to be all about gifts, grand gestures and expensive meals. To counter this, encourage your followers to actively practise random acts of kindness and share them on their social media platforms with a uniform hashtag. A holiday that celebrates love is a great opportunity to give back to the community and as a small business, you can leverage on this to give an emotive edge to your campaign. Something as simple as sharing a meal with a stranger or visiting a sick person could go a long way. Re-post your favorites and spread the love while creating brand recognition for your business.

6. Find a Business Buddy

Valentine’s Day is a typical couples’ holiday, so why not find yourself a business “partner” as well? Can you identify another small business that complements yours? Perfect! Then join forces in this season to run an effective Valentine’s Day Campaign. The partnership should ideally benefit both businesses through social media promotions and gift packages. Maybe you own a hair salon and another business owns a nail salon, you can choose to partner and offer your audiences a “complete Valentine’s Day Beauty Treatment” at a discounted price. Or maybe you own a catering company and another an events company, you could partner to offer a Valentine’s Day event events and catering offer. Through this, you increase your reach and gain new potential customers from a business that isn’t a direct competitor.

7. The Singles Need Love Too

Keep in mind that not everyone is in a relationship and so it’s important to creatively include your single followers in your campaign as well. Some of them may simply want to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day. So how about providing them with opportunities to buy gifts for their loved ones or offering a giveaway? E.g. A singles spa date to pamper themselves or free movie tickets to enjoy the evening with a friend. 

Which Valentine’s Day Campaign idea from the above do you think you’ll use this year? Whatever you plan to do, utilize a digital campaign strategy that will make your existing and potential customers feel special and loved . 

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