“The reality is that an insight is nothing more than information until you use it to actually change something,” Anthony Coops – Partner, KPMG Australia.
A KPMG report https://assets.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/pdf/2015/08/going-beyond-the-data-turning.pdf shows that 81% of enterprises are using analytics to gain marketing insights and improve their understanding of customers.
Social Media Analytics will help you:
1. To Segment your Audience
You’ll be able to see who interacts with your brand more, and through which channels. For example which gender is engaging more with your brand, which age groups, from which locations and so on.
2. To Optimize your Content Plan
Good content may be posted at the wrong time, or on the wrong network. Analytics will help you know which topics generate the most engagement at a given point in time.
3.To Learn from Your Customers
Learn the type of content your customer’s retweet, share, like, and comment on. Analytics allow you to learn what posts please them the most – and maximize on this.
4. To Measure ROI (Return On Investment)
This is the sum of all social media actions that create value. Analytics help you to improve your efforts, determine which social media channels are bringing in the most revenue for you and what you may need to adjust.
5.To Measure Success
Analytics help you find out how successful your current social media strategies are and what value they are bringing to your business.
6.To Optimize your Online Strategy
Once you know what works and what doesn’t, you can then channel your energy to what is working best, because that’s your golden goose!
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