5 easy tips to help you choose the best Social Media Platform for your business

Every day, 3.5 billion people are online worldwide, 10-15 million being in Kenya. Most of this online time is spent on Social Media, with Kenyans leading the conversations in our region.
For example, in 2016, Kenya was ranked 4th in Africa in Twitter usage, with 76 million geolocated tweets. Is your business missing out? Here are 5 easy steps to start heading in the right direction:
1. Identify your Target Audience
Who are your customers? Example, Kenyan moms use Facebook a lot to look for toddler information, while corporate executives prefer Twitter. Knowing this will help you determine which platform to focus more on.
2. Determine your Content
What content will appeal most to the audience you identified? For example, restaurants do better with inviting food photos while technical businesses do better with simplified videos of their processes.
3. Set Specific Business Goals
Why are you on Social Media as a business? Everyone wants likes and followers. But what direct impact are you looking for? And don’t just say “Sales!”
Specify it into something like:
Increase Awareness to 100,000 per month > Get 10,000 Engagement per month > Have 1,000 inquiries per month > achieve 500 new sales per month
4. Set and Monitor Benchmarks
Have you had a look at what your competitors are doing? Are they using Social Media to grow their businesses? If not, there must be an international role model you can look up to. What channels are they using? What feedback can you see? This will help you in knowing what’s possible for your business.
5. Have a Marketing Budget
You’ll finally need to allocate an appropriate budget. For example, if you are an individual startup with limited funds, your only marketing expense will be cash spent on Social Media Ads to create awareness.
If your business, however, is mature enough to have a Marketing Budget, you can hire a dedicated person or firm, who you keep accountable for the Specific Business Goals you set.
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