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The first part of our process is assessment of the value of your Brand’s current social media platforms, tracking and measuring their performance over the past 12 months and finding out what worked well and what didn’t.


Next, we set marketing objectives and define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Includes: creation of compelling content, graphics, photography, campaign strategy and Benchmarking.


What follows is systematic implementation of the Strategy agreed on; with agency-client communication throughout the period and an implementation map to guide the client on what happens when.


Our detailed monthly reports show the impact of the social media activities, success of campaign, users reached, targets and KPIs achieved and ROI on media buying done for the client.

Core Team

“Keep it simple, keep it smart, keep it memorable.”

Sam Kung’u

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

Ruth Mwangi

“In this day and age, your company’s website is the key to your entire business.”

Kevin Okeyo

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  • Social media pages maintenance
  • Brand Audit and Strategy
  • Regular updates and monthly reports
  • Best for: businesses looking to grow and keep their social media community updated such as Not-For-Profits & Religious Institutions
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  • Grow foot traffic
  • Engage and Retain Customers
  • Get More Reach and Visibility
  • Best for: businesses looking to retain current customers and attract new ones such as Hospitality, Education, Consultancy & Small Retail Businesses
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  • Countrywide/Regional Reach
  • High Media Buying
  • Multiple Simultaneous Objectives
  • Best for: diversified businesses with multiple physical locations/providing services across many localities such as Diversified Restaurants, Hotels, E-commerce & FMCG's
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  • Multiple Online Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • On-the-ground activations
  • Best for: running widespread Online Campaigns, targeting different sets of Target Audiences such as New Products Releases, Loyalty and Giveaway Campaigns
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